About Investor Relations and IRPAS


About Investor Relations

Investor Relations (IR) is the strategic two-way communication between a company and its stakeholders including the investment community at large, of information about its business activities and performance, financial and compliance data, growth strategy and prospects, with the objective of enabling the market to make an informed decision about the fair valuation and appropriate ownership of the shares and securities of the company.
Investor Relations Officers (IROs) play an important role in the strategic function of IR, both by working with management to actively engage stakeholders as well as ensuring that investor queries are effectively addressed. Besides ensuring accurate, timely and regular disclosure of company information to the regulators and capital markets, most IROs also play a role in the environmental, social and corporate governance policies of their companies.


Run by IROs for IROs, IRPAS is a voluntary commitment by a team of IR veterans united by the same dedication to build a community for fellow IR practitioners. It aims to empower members through education, professional development and networking initiatives, and to promote the sharing of IR knowledge and practices through internal research and partnerships with leading institutions and IR societies around the world.

IRPAS was established in 2006 by leading IROs, supported by the Singapore Exchange (SGX), with the primary objectives of championing IR best practice, enhancing professional competencies and elevating the overall standard of the IR profession in Singapore.

IRPAS has 235 members comprising representatives from companies across sectors listed on the Mainboard and Catalist of the SGX, as well as private organisations, financial communications advisors and service providers from around the region. IRPAS seeks to represent the views of its members and provide the platform to facilitate dialogue between IROs, regulators and the wider investment community.

Our Mission

  • Champion best practices, professionalism and integrity in IR
  • Empower members to be effective IR professionals with the power of knowledge
  • Represent views of members and provide the platform for dialogue between companies, regulatory bodies and the investment community
  • Build a cohesive community for the continued development of practitioners and the IR industry

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to be the professional body representing IR professionals and contribute to elevating the overall standard of the IR profession in Singapore.

Our Core Values

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Excellence
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