Green finance is the future fund-raising options for Singapore listed companies. Green finance has grown significantly. “The Climate Bonds Initiative, which sets standards for green issuers, expects a tenth consecutive year of growth in 2021, with global issuance between US$400 billion to US$450 billion for the year1 .” This current positive growth and the potential opportunities for financing is made possible primarily because of the establishment of green investment standards such as the regional (ASEAN Green Bond Principles) and global level (Green Bond Principles, Climate Bond Standard). These standards have created a platform and clarity (to prevent greenwashing, falsely presenting an environmentally friendly image) for issuers, financiers and investors to increase their exposure to green finance....

Investor Relations Professionals Association (Singapore) (“IRPAS”) will pursue a series of talks for its members this year on Green Finance and related issues on Sustainability, Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (“ESG”).  Read our Media Release HERE.

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